About the artist - John Field:

"Mainly self-taught in oil painting and one-time civil engineer, I have, since 1993, been regularly exhibiting and selling my work in Wimbledon, where I live, and elsewhere.

As an engineer it had been important to be able to draw, particularly during the most creative period of my career when the concept and design of bridges was my speciality and their aesthetic appearance of special interest to me. When my career moved on from that period I found oil painting a most satisfying outlet for my creativity. When later I took an early retirement I was able to focus on developing my art.

For very many years I have been a regular visitor to my wife’s native country of France and for more than thirty-five years I has lived in Wimbledon. France and Wimbledon never cease to provide me with fresh scenes to paint, although far from exclusively. Increasingly I have become interested in marine paintings, particularly of tall ships.

From 1995 until 2015 I was the principal organiser of the successful Worple Group. I have also exhibited in several galleries in Southern England and have held one-man exhibitions. I have undertaken commissions to paint favourite scenes and one of my paintings was chosen for the front cover of Richard Milward's book 'Wimbledon, A Pictorial History'. 

In 2014 I completed a commission for two marine paintings of traditional dhows to hang in the royal offices of the Sultan of Oman."


Email: john.b.field@blueyonder.co.uk

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